YEAR 2014
  • UX
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Development


What we did

Our mission with this website design was primarily to not interfere with our client’s work, yet bring together form and function in a way that could do it justice. It’s a mission we achieved most elegantly. What results is a pictorially stunning site showcasing designer collections and gowns to tantalise the finest tastes. The essential elements in the customised WordPress site build being understated and subtle yet beautifully simple to navigate.

rudeseine d1 rudeseine d2 rudeseine d3 rudeseine d4

When Elegance is Everything

Understanding the difference between creating a website design and creating a website to present design work are two completely different things, especially when your client’s work is everything. We believe our development team achieved exactly the right balance.

rs mobilemain
rudeseine m1 rudeseine m2 rudeseine m3