Unfiltered is New Zealand’s business education platform, totally dedicated to bringing you exclusive advice from the best in business.

YEAR 2017
  • UX
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Development
  • CMS

Custom CMS
Wistia integration

What we did

Bringing together some of the biggest names in New Zealand and international business is something this client is truly exceptional at. This is a website design that presents a true sense of professionalism and corporate identity, and by using monochrome tones, we could project the strength and skills of each personality without any distractions. While fundamentally based on the WordPress CMS, this build is almost entirely customised to satisfy the concise needs of both the client and their audience.

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A Showcase

Unfiltered presents a showcase of interviews with business leaders to guide entrepreneurs in New Zealand and around the world. Our website development team were tasked with cataloguing video and texts for delivery to users via a subscription model. It involves complex user management, communications systems and payment channels. It’s a challenge our highly skilled team were able to rise to and deliver.

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