• UX
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Development
  • API
  • DataBase / Analytics 
  • Custom Back-End
  • Cloud Service Integration

Citroën Car Configurator

Design and development of the configurator for the latest Citroën C3

Citroën is a constant innovator and news maker. From small hatches to SUV’s and family vehicles, Citroën has a wide range of vehicles available in New Zealand. The newest to the family being the Citroën C3.


What we did

Citroen created a very unique vehicle, with design features never seen before on a standard vehicle. This was their driver to look for a unique way for style conscious people to engage with their brand and vehicle.

After global research on car configurators, we created this configurator with an emphasis on style, impact and ease of use. We wanted to change; the image shot, the body and roof colours, the tyres, and the interiors - we wanted people to see it clearly with true French flair. We believe we made it "Pop" 


The tech that drives the configurator

Behind the beautiful design, is a lot of tech to ensure a smooth performance and intuitive UX, including:

  • Rich HTML5-based front-end enabling users to build their own fully custom car.

  • Dynamic car image generated based on selected options (roof, body, wheels, trim) including PDF brochure containing individual car specifications emailed to customer.

  • Custom admin area for back-end reporting including analytics

Fitting it in the "Mobile Boot"

Creating the same experience on the smaller screen could be likened to fitting all your belongings into your boot in the sense that there is a lot of detail to show. This microsite is all about enabling the consumer to see the car with various elements in different states from colours to wheel trim to dashboard, hence we needed to look at the UX Design very carefully to reconfigure the configurator for the small screen.

We feel we achieved it, again the usage statistics prove the consumers are using it fully without trouble.