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Designing a captivating digital experience.

HUM is the awesome, all-inclusive, managed IT service you've been waiting for. Just one fee, per user, per month delivers the back-end infrastructure and high-end expertise you need for the best fit IT - now, and in the future.

What we did

We created a masterpiece in layout-design work that is guaranteed to impress from the moment you land on the page. The website is vibrant, lively and exudes competence - just the right impression you should get from the latest business offering from Origin IT

Business objectives

Built to meet a business purpose, every move is measured and monitored on this website to deliver viable business leads and provide key business intelligence regarding user actions and growth opportunities.

Mobile responsiveness

It was important to make sure mobile users didn’t miss out on the same impressive user experience of the HUM IT desktop site so we created a dynamic and responsive design that translates onto any platform.