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Executing a website for a new not-for-profit association


Newly established Content NZ is a not-for-profit industry association that provides the tools and supports marketers to create their own meaningful content. Nero Motion was tasked to create Content NZ’s digital identity by designing and building their first ever website.

Content NZ came to us with just a logo and colour palette to form the baseline of their digital identity. In order for the content to speak the loudest, we created a site that used bold geometric graphics and typography to establish hierarchies - keeping photography to a minimum.

It was important for Content NZ to be a hub of knowledge - primarily through articles written by members of the community. A blog filter was built to enable the user to search and sort articles by tag or category - allowing them to find articles as quickly as possible. This is managed in the backend, giving Content NZ complete control over the tags and categories each article can be assigned to. The custom CMS also allows Content NZ to update website content themselves and add upcoming events.

Stripe payment has been integrated so users can become members of Content NZ directly on the website.

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From desktop to mobile

Content NZ’s site is designed to seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile - adjusting to all device sizes. All of the desktop capabilities are retained so the user can enjoy the same experience on any screen size.

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