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Re-visualising an award winning IT brand across digital platforms

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Origin is New Zealand's leading mid-market IT services and support company. From day-to-day IT support through to strategic and security services, they support the success of their clients by ensuring users of technology have everything they need to help their company achieve its goals. They needed a new website that was professional, educational and more in line with the services they offer.

To combat their text heavy pages, a unique layout was created to make reading effortless and easy for the user to navigate sections most relevant to them. The design aims to inspire it's time-poor readers, landing them at the content of greatest relevance as soon as possible. It’s contemporary design utilises Origin’s brand colours subtly in order to allow the content to be the main feature. With these website changes, Origin saw their daily page views increase by 34.5% and their bounce rate drop from 70.5% to 49.1%.

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Getting it mobile

Origin’s site needed to look bold and dynamic across all devices. We worked in some smart design to ensure the layout, content, and images worked seamlessly across all screen sizes and remained consistent with the look and feel of the desktop site.

Custom EDM template

Origin’s EDM is a reflection of their website design. This ensures that when user click from the EDM onto the website they can create a visual connection between the two. The custom template gives complete control for Origin to decide how to display their content that will best engage the user.

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