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Bringing a physical store into the digital world

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Sunglass Style is proudly NZ owned and operated and has been providing customers with excellent product selection and service since 2004. They have 15 retail stores throughout NZ and approached Nero Motion to design and develop their first online store and create their digital marketing content. Sunglass Style already has a strong brand and the design team made sure that this was flawlessly integrated into the UI design of the site.

A large number of their target audience are avid mobile online shoppers so it was crucial to ensure the site still retained its full capabilities even on the smaller screen. Nero Motion acknowledged this and created a fully responsive site that provides the user with a simple journey from choosing a product to check out.

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E-Commerce customisation

Behind the scenes of SunglassStyle is a highly complex engine delivering an amazing customer experience. The main features are displaying just the sunglasses available in stock and only charging the buyer’s credit card once dispatched.

To make all this happen, there is a lot of technology supporting the backend, including:

  • Fully customised catalog, cart, and checkout processes.
  • Custom Silverstripe integration with DPS PxPay and PxPOST payment gateway options that support Auth/Complete transaction processing.
  • Custom Silverstripe module to provide REST-based API for integration with the stock system for warehouse, product and stock data updates.
  • Customised back-end to support enhanced integration with DPS, courier tracking, and customer emails.

Online display banners

Nero Motion also works with Sunglass Style to produce effective marketing campaigns by creating and producing display banners across a range of sizes. To establish consistency across Sunglass Style’s digital platforms we use the same animations that appear on their website. Not only does this ensure that the banners stand out to what else is on the market but also helps reinforce brand recognition.

Custom EDM template

Sunglass Style has a custom EDM template that enables them to choose between various layouts and select the best fit for any type of copy. The template not only looks great on desktop, it responds seamlessly down to mobile.

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