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overview Gone are the days that Sunglass Style is purely a brick-and-mortar retail chain

With significant growth came the challenges of change, with a website that was no longer fit-for-purpose: tired, with an obsolete design and an eCommerce implementation that was simply too rudimentary for their needs. So Sunglass Style came to us to ensure their digital presence and systems kept pace with their offline growth.

The work

We completely refreshed the look and feel of the site to bring it to the forefront of the current zeitgeist, with a sleek, modern style.

Highly-optimised user experience across all digital devices.
From a technical standpoint, the advanced customisation of Silverstripe allows us to provide a highly-optimised user experience across all digital devices. We implemented custom API integrations with their stock system to ensure shop data is fully synchronised, including products, stock levels, vouchers, and warehouses.

And lastly, a comprehensive end-to-end integration of Google Analytics enables Sunglass Style to track the user journey through the sales funnel and conversion rates, while a bespoke QR code system that facilitates in-store lookups directly on the website.

Sunglass Style arrived a little late to the digital age. We understood how critical our and every business's online presence was, but the project's scale was daunting. However, after meeting with Nero Motion early on in our process to join the digital age, we immediately felt confident we were in great hands.
Critically for us, Ale and Dwayne and their team spent the time to understand our business and what we wanted to achieve. They were then able to guide us through the process, and with their world-leading design and outstanding technical skills, we have an online store well beyond our expectations.
As with all things in business, our site is continuing to evolve, and we are now excited by the opportunities rather than daunted by this space. The outstanding results we have had and continue to experience highlight the exceptional value Nero Motion has provided to our business.

  • Sven Ericson
  • Owner
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