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Constructing a website for a revolutionary New Zealand building company

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Tallwood are changing the way we build in New Zealand. Using a combination of design and technology they deliver pre-built buildings efficiently and effectively for their customers. To make their mark within the construction industry, Tallwood needed a website design that embraced their new approach to building and shared their brand effectively with their target audience.

Tallwood’s aim is to ‘change the game’ of the New Zealand construction industry. Their process is what separates them from the rest and we utilised this in the main design aspects. The idea of a building plan is visually realised using horizontal and vertical lines that mirror ruled lines, while the fixed side navigation acts as the plan key so you can navigate effortlessly at any moment.

The website is an informative platform that allows the user to learn and explore what Tallwood does and how they do it. The project case studies, blog and media release pages allow Tallwood to dynamically display their latest content while the what we do, needs and about pages serve to educate the user.

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Capturing the mobile audience

Tallwood’s website is fully responsive - enabling the site to be accessible across all devices. The mobile site retains all of the animations and transitions that are on desktop, creating a seamless experience when actively resizing.

Custom EDM template

Tallwood’s EDM template is reflective of the design of their website. It utilises the full width title blocks and left aligned copy that feature throughout the site. The template displays on desktop and adjusts to a mobile layout depending on the device.

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