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Track the origin and production method of the eggs you buy.


Trace My Egg allows consumers to trace which farm your eggs have come from by using a 5-digit code that is ‘stamped’ right on to each egg. Egg stamps show the production method of the egg and the individual farm that they’ve come from using a unique farm code.

FR Free-Range
BN Barn
CL Colony
CG Cage
OR Organic

Participating farms are audited annually and have also agreed to further random audit checks through a third party verification system. This is to ensure clear protocol around integrity; transparency and traceability are upheld at all times.

We created the visual online interface, mobile optimised user experience and developed the back end system to filter relevant information to not only educate consumers; but also provide our client with valuable data and reporting for their industry.

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Behind the design is the technology to ensure a smooth performance. This includes:

  • Lightweight HTML5 front-end with canvas-based animation when "tracing the egg".
  • CMS back-end to manage informational content inside the website.
  • Ability to bulk import and modify farm and egg data via secure upload process.

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